Our Story

Life presents many challenges. Some of those challenges, no matter how strong you are, can’t be overcome alone. But many people living in the Northern Territory live remotely, with poor access to wellbeing services like mental health supports.

Big Sky Psychology was founded so that everyone, no matter where they live, has the support they need to feel well.

Tracks in the sand

Our Vision

No distance is too great. Everyone, no matter where they live, can access support to build resilience and feel well.

Our Mission

Providing professional mental health care to all. We do this by offering accessible, fully remote services people can access when and where they need them.

Our team has lived and worked in the Northern Territory. We love its cities and towns, communities and country. And we understand the unique challenges that can come from living in a place where what you need can be very far away – whether it’s groceries, a visit to friends and family, or some support to feel mentally well.

That’s why all of our services are designed to be fully remote – no distance is too great.

And no challenge is too big. We meet people where they’re at, working together to move through challenges and towards feeling supported and well.

It’s a privilege for us to work with people from all walks of life. We see and recognise the strengths in all remote Australians and First Nations people and communities – resilience, connection to Country and community spirit.

Tracks in the Australian outback

Our Values

Wellbeing – to have a sense of purpose and feel good in our body, minds and relationships

Resilience – to manage life’s challenges and get through hard times

Empowerment – to make the best possible choices for ourselves and our families

Health Justice – to provide professional, sustainable and accessible mental health services with integrity